Detergents for the pressure wash equipment manufacturer and distributor. Super Concentrate kits for the best detergent, the best price. Reduce Freight cost.


Soaps, Presoaks, Tire Cleaners, TriFoams and many others for the Full Serve, Self Serve, Automatics, Detail Shops, Coin Operated and Automotive Make Ready Departments.


Heavy Equipment Sales & Rental shops, Industrial Retailers, Concrete Removal companies, Warehouse Maintenance Departments. Lots of specialty Detergents here.


Oilfield Line Flushes, Down Hole Additives, Rig Washes that are unmatched in the industry.

We work in the field with your rigs mud engineer!


Complimentary Expert Evaluation!

Sales Team across the country are benefitting from this unique program. Now your team has an opportunity to bridge the gap between Detergent manufacturing and Detergent sales. Learn the importance of High Performance Detergents that equal High Margin Sales!

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Access To The BIG GAMES!


Concrete Cleaners / Removers
Tar & Asphalt Removers /Barriers
Building Maintenance Detergents
Concentrated Window Cleaners including Windshield Washer Fluid


Tire & Engine Degreasers
Presoaks - Alkaline / Acid
Tire & Rubber Dressings
Auto Waxes - Spray Style, Machine Applied, & Quick Detail


Mud Seal Mixes
Down Hole Foam Additives
HD Rig Washes - Alkaline / Acid
Bioremediation - Highly Agressive Microbe Systems


Fleetwash Powders / Liquids
HD Degreasers - Butyl / Non Butyl
Building Maintenance Detergents
Concentrated Window Cleaners including Windshield Washer Fluid

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ChemWorks Group, LLC.
11992 S. Profit, Bdlgs 114 & 116
Forney, Texas 75126, US
P: (214) 666-4040


Lynette A. Ladd

Owner and Operations Coach.

Works directly with each new distributor to assure the right products and programs are in place for a successful partnership.

American Chemical Society

Member since 2006.

ChemWorks' Team has over 30 years of experience in the Detergent and Soap manufacturing business.

We put our Professional, Proven Team of experts who put the Customer First, on the front line.

Our product quality and order lead times are considered Xtreme in this industry. From new product development, in-field sales support and fast order turn around times ... We set the bar for our competition.

And ... We do it so well we don't understand why everyone isn't doing it!