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We have put together a simple 3 Step Process for your team to work with our team.

3  Step Process

A Look At Our Products

What to skip the process and look at our detergent line?

Full List of Detergents


Detergents for the pressure wash equipment manufacturer and distributor. Super Concentrate kits for the best detergent, the best price. Reduce Freight cost.


Soaps, Presoaks, Tire Cleaners, TriFoams and many others for the Full Serve, Self Serve, Automatics, Detail Shops, Coin Operated and Automotive Make Ready Departments.


Heavy Equipment Sales & Rental shops, Industrial Retailers, Concrete Removal companies, Warehouse Maintenance Departments. Lots of specialty Detergents here.


Oilfield Line Flushes, Down Hole Additives, Rig Washes that are unmatched in the industry.

We work in the field with your rigs mud engineer!


Featured Products

The Super Concentrated Drum in a Box Kits are a specialty item. Not many manufacturers can make them .... or make them right. We have several to choose from and introduce more each year. Our kits now are more than a 55 gallon drum in a box. Most of our kits now make 3 drums in a box. Wow!

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Featured Industry

Laundry Detergents and Additives for commercial, institutional and industrial markets.This market is important to any industry! The detergents here are not seasonal or dependant on weather like the vehicle wash industry. If not in your line already you might want to take a second look.

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We offer our Distributors several buying options. All Savings.


Level 1
Custom Private Labels and Safety Data Sheets
One on One with Experienced Sales Team Member
Comprehensive Product Comparison

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Level 2 (plus Level 1)
Guaranteed Ship Dates with 3-5 Day Lead Times
Monthly TiPS to stay ahead of the game
Customized products - fragrance or dye

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Level 3 (plus Levels 1, 2)
Exclusive access to our Big Game Guarantee.
Quarterly events for your sales team provided by ChemWorks
FOB delivered pricing to your location

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Level 4 (plus Levels 1, 2, 3)
Monthly events for your sales team led by Sales Team coach
Bonus promotions for purchasing and sales team
Exclusive labels with added QR codes driven to your website

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Lynette A. Ladd

Owner and Operations Coach.

Works directly with each new distributor to assure the right products and programs are in place for a successful partnership.

American Chemical Society

Member since 2006.

ChemWorks' Team has over 30 years of experience in the Detergent and Soap manufacturing business.

We put our Professional, Proven Team of experts who put the Customer First, on the front line.

Our product quality and order lead times are considered Xtreme in this industry. From new product development, in-field sales support and fast order turn around times ... We set the bar for our competition.

And ... We do it so well we don't understand why everyone isn't doing it!

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